What is RTB?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.

How does your solution help brands and agencies to buy traffic directly from publishers? I heard that programmatic buying is always a lot of networks in the middle and each of them apply it’s own margin to the bid so our bid will be at least 50% less this way.

Programmatic is just the name of the technical way of connection between advertiser and publisher. In your question you probably mean the blind traffic reselling. Yes, many networks do so by using the OpenRTB transport as the most standardized and widely supported programmatic buying protocol. But on the other hand, there are a lot of networks who sell real publisher’s traffic directly and share with the demand partner all the details in the bid request (so you know exactly what inventory do you bid on, who defines the auction winner and so on). So the good news that you are free to choose the traffic partners you wish to work with and buy traffic from.

UPDATE: With the advent of the Ads.txt initiative it becomes easy to check if supply partner sells inventory from the resources he is authorized to sell actually!

Why just don’t buy directly without any bidder in the middle?

The major RTB benefit is the opportunity to be connected to a lot of publishers while technically connected to just a couple of supply partners using RTB bidder. RTB bidder itself is not the middleman as it’s not part of the chain of the traffic reselling. It just connects the supply with the demand.

Why do we need your SAAS solution if so? Why don’t just take any open-source bidder and use it for free?

RTB bidder is a complex technical program which works under high load. It will not work in the “run and forget” mode anyway. To support your solution you will need to hire developers for full-time. We already have the experienced team which is shared among our clients to make this cheaper to each. And the other reason is the SSPs connection. While the major SSPs support OpenRTB, each of them modifies the protocol under their needs, so in fact, you need to customize the connection to each new onboarding SSP. We have already connected 20+ top SSPs and know all their requirements which let you do not fall into the same trap.

Ok, but why you? Why not any other company which offers SAAS bidder or custom developed solution?

As a technology vendor, we constantly monitor the ad tech market for similar products. So we can state justifiably that we are not only cheaper than the most offers but almost the only ones who offer the pricing based on served impressions number. That’s right, you don’t need to pay for the processed bid requests, just for the bought ad impressions.

Do you have a trial? How fast can we start testing your solution?

Yes, we offer 30 days free trial for our clients. For start testing just contact us. If the needed traffic source is already supported – we probably could start in 2-3 business days. If no – 1 week is usually needed to implement the new connection.

Do you have separate stats access for the connected networks and for my clients?

Yes, we provide the separate stats access for each connected network, so your supply partners could check their own numbers easily. However, we don’t have separate stats access for your clients. You could split the stats as detailed as you need and share the numbers with your clients. Anyway, if you wish to provide to your advertisers the separate stats access – just let us know and most likely we will find the solution for you.

Could your solution be white-labeled for our DSP?

Sure we could manage all your connections using your own custom domain. Just contact us to obtain the custom domain setup instruction.

How could we connect our DSP with your bidder? Will we be able to buy from your supply partners via OpenRTB this way?

Our bidder SAAS solution has powerful API which gives you full control over your ad campaigns. However we are not traffic resellers, we are ad tech vendors. So you need to have your own accounts on the platforms you wish to buy traffic from.

We don’t have our own DSP. Could we use your bidder as DSP solution?

Basically, DSP consists of two major parts: RTB bidder and strategy decision layer. While the first part is pretty standard, the second one is very specific for the exact business model, which is implemented on your side. Even you don’t have your own DSP, you still have some internal rules to work with your clients. So as soon as we will implement that rules in the program code – you will get your own DSP platform. But this process requires close interaction between the vendor (us) and business (you). If you ready to go through this process with us – we will be happy to help you. Just contact us.

Do you have UI for bidder managing?

Yes, we provide UI access for our clients.

How could we add the needed traffic sources to your bidder?

You just need to contact us and ask about it. It’s that easy!

What creative formats are supported?

All the OpenRTB creative formats are supported: display banner, video (VAST and VPAID), native, mobile rich media (interstitial and MRAID) and popunder. You can check the detailed supported ad types list for each connected SSP in our wiki.

What supply sources are supported from the box?

Currently, 20+ top supply sources are supported. Among them Google Adx, Bidswitch, Appodeal, Aol, Stroeer, Mars and others. However we constantly add the new supply sources to our service, so to get the actual information please contact us.

What targetings do you have?

We support all the usual targetings like geo, inventory type, device type, os, domains, publishers and so on. Also, white and black lists up to 10k items are supported. Please contact us to request the whole list of the supported targetings.

What is the ads.txt? Do you support it?

As part of a broader effort to eliminate the ability to profit from counterfeit inventory in the open digital advertising ecosystem, Ads.txt provides a mechanism to enable content owners to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory. This initiative is created and pushed by IAB Tech Lab. As part of the digital advertising ecosystem, we greet the ads.txt initiative and support it on our side.

How can we obtain reporting? What’s the time gap?

Real-time reporting is available via API and UI accesses. It’s delayed for just several minutes.

What’s the pricing options? Do you apply any decreasing factors to our bids? Should I pay for bid requests itself?

No, we don’t decrease your bids. As ad tech vendor we are not able to make any adjustments to your bidding strategy. So your supply partner will see the exact bid amount you populate in the ad campaign settings. Our billing is based on the actual media cost, so you don’t need to pay for the bid requests. Please contact us for details.

Do you support both first-price and the second-price auctions?

Yes, we support both types of auctions.

Do you support direct deals and private auctions?


What bid requests QPS can you handle? What about timeouts and response time?

RTB bidder is a high-load application. The response time and the number of timeouts have the critical meaning for this service. Our SAAS RTB bidder is written on golang and based on the microservices architecture. So it’s perfectly horizontally scalable and is able to withstand any needed load. All you need is to notify us the day before you plan to scale the traffic volume significantly. On the other hand, the global geo coverage allows us to respond to the bid request as fast as needed. Typical response time is not exceeded 100ms.

What about integration with the 3rd parties like DMPs, anti-fraud services, custom prediction models.

Sure it’s possible. If you wish any provider to be connected please contact us to discuss the details.

What version of the OpenRTB protocol do you support?

Currently, OpenRTB 2.4 is fully supported, OpenRTB 2.5 is partially supported. Please contact us to obtain the most actual info.

What hosting do you use? Where are your DCs located?

We work on the Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and AWS infrastructure. We have worldwide coverage with 4 geo regions: US East, US West, Europe, APAC.

Could your solution be customized if needed on the T&M basis?

Even better. We could make the needed features for you on the fix price basis which allows you to plan the budget in advance.

Do you use any pre-bid checking service to prevent fraud and NHT?

Not yet but it’s planned to be realized in the near time, so please contact us to get updated info. Also, if you wish your current vendor to be integrated – just ask us about it.

What’s your privacy policy? Do you collect any users PII?

Please check our Privacy Policy for detailed info.

What are the requirements for the ads? Could you provide the Ad Policy?

We connect you to the different traffic sources, and each of them might have their own requirements for the served ads.

What if we need to launch bidder on our own servers in-house? Is it possible?

It’s discussable, yes. Please contact us with this inquiry.

What about malvertising? Do you allow to check the served tags automatically?

We have supported two checkers for this: GeoEdge and TheMediaTrust. To use them for your ad tags checking you just need to have the direct agreements with them. However, if you need any other technology to be implemented for checking your ad tags – it’s not a problem. Just contact us.

What about SLA?

We provide 99.9% uptime guaranteed service.

Yes, we support cookie matching with the networks. We provide you the matching pixel which should be placed and fired on your side to initiate this process. Currently, usage of the custom user segments for targeting is not supported. However, it could be realized by request. We also able to make integration with your or 3rd party DMP system for that purposes. So please contact us to discuss details.

Do you have vendor certification with the Google Ad Exchange network? How could we make buying in this network using your service?

Yes, we are certified as ad serving vendor with Google Ad Exchange. As we have the already certified technology, you could easily connect to the Google Ad Exchange network using us as parent seat. Please contact us for detailed info.

Can you provide some inventory information for media planning based on the bid requests you have received from the connected sources?

We constantly collect the subset of raw bid requests from all the connected sources to be able to provide you with any needed information for the media planning purposes by request. So the answer is yes.